Living Longer & Stronger With Carbon 60 Olive Oil

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to move from one victory to the next, seemingly without effort?  The placebo effect proves that belief plays a key role in health and happiness. The placebo effect is well known and is often shown to be as effective or more so than drugs.  It is on average above 30% effective.

Consider having a 30%+ edge on your health, wealth and happiness, simply by faith.

The scary truth is that the opposite is also true of the placebo effect: the same numbers but in the opposite direction, called the ‘nocebo effect’.

Your Will Power Is Limited

Ever notice how it takes no effort to maintain a habit?  It takes 66 days on average, to form a new habit.

It is near impossible to perpetually fight  negative thoughts because will power is limited to your energy.  It’s like holding onto a cliff face with just two fingers. The secret is to hand the work over to your subconscious mind, where the work can be done without any conscious effort.  But in order to reprogram the subconscious, you need to turn positive thinking into a habit.

It has been said ‘You are what you think’ but It’s hard to maintain motivation and a positive attitude when you don’t feel right. Countless studies and clinicians have shown that a positive mindset leads not only to better health and faster recovery, but also success in life in general.  People who live the longest have an optimistic outlook.  

Carbon-60 in Olive Oil has an impressive ability to clear away the dark clouds and let some sunshine in. 

Due to its positive effects on the mind and body, C60 Olive Oil could help you keep your grip on the bright side long enough to form good habits.  

Longevity: The Famous ‘Baati Rat Study’ 

In 2012, a study was conducted to show if carbon 60 had any toxicity over the lifespan of rats.  What they found surprised them: the rats lived 90% longer than rats that were not given carbon 60 in olive oil!  The conclusion of the research team was that the antioxidant powers of C60 were the cause of the anti aging benefits.

Other Causes of Aging We Face

In our modern industrial world, our bodies are leaning toward excessive free-radicals because we are exposed to excessive pollution, radiation, anxiety, stress, sleep deprivation, etc.

What is a major cause of aging?

Homeostasis is the optimum state where your body’s ability to repair is equal to or greater than the damaging effects from your own metabolism and from the environment.  If free radicals are produced faster than you can deal with them, this will lead to increased inflammation which, if left in a chronic state, leads to disease.

Inflammation plays a key role in nearly every disease and in the aging process, making it a major target for everyone wishing to avoid the modern plague of chronic illness, autoimmune diseases, and rapid aging.

The Carbon 60 in olive oil provides what is perhaps the most powerful antioxidant ever to hit the wellness industry.  It clocks in at 172 times the antioxidant power of Vitamin-C, it can neutralize a broad range of free-radicals at the cellular level to help bring your body back to equilibrium.

So what exactly is Carbon-60 in olive oil (lipofullerene)?

To put it simply, it is carbon-60 dissolved in olive oil. If you are familiar with activated charcoal (a.k.a. Active Carbon), you can view carbon-60 as another unique version of carbon with health benefits. Carbon 60 on it’s own is not water soluble, which means it will not be absorbed by the body.  It must be in a lipid based solution, which is why it is mixed with olive oil.

The body absorbs lipofullerene quite readily because it is composed of lipids – and lipids are a fundamental building block of our cells.

The main purpose of having c60 in the body is to achieve HOMEOSTASIS. The definition of homeostasis is the tendency toward a relatively stable equilibrium between inter-dependant elements. To be precise, we are aiming for the balance of antioxidants to free-radicals in the body (when free-radicals are formed, enough antioxidants must be available to neutralize them). 

How can you tell if Carbon 60 Olive Oil is working for you?

You should be able to feel the effects of C60 Olive Oil within the first few doses.  If you don’t notice anything, you should increase your dose until you do.

You should notice some of the following:

  • Increased alertness
  • Mental clarity
  • Greater focus
  • A restlessness to move around and be more productive
  • Increased libido, especially in men
  • Skipping that afternoon nap
  • Waking up earlier
  • Less procrastination
  • A positive attitude
  • An uplifted spirit
  • More energy

Longer Term Benefits of Internal/Topical Use May Include:

  • General Anti-aging
  • Anti-viral
  • Acne relief
  • Allergy relief
  • Asthma relief
  • Improved Immune
  • Yeast infection relief
  • Increased Hair/Nail growth
  • Greater strength
  • More reps of the same weight
  • Calmer, reduction in stress/anxiety
  • Can run longer and faster 
  • Improved stamina and endurance
  • Less fatigue and faster recovery after workout

Ava Naturals and Slic60 were founded in the sunny Okanagan Valley of British Columbia by two brothers. 

“For years we’ve been interested and involved in bringing forth cutting edge research and solutions that would normally take more than a decade to become mainstream” -William Kuoppala, co-founder of Ava Naturals

William and Mark were introduced to lipofullerene soon after the conception of Ava Naturals. Following their first few batches of Carbon 60 in olive oil, their flagship product Slic60 was born.

“After the very first dose of C60 in olive oil, I was blown away. This is something everybody needs.” says William. “I knew this was going to be big and we wanted to play a part in getting it to the masses.”

“Lipofullerene is a health product of exactly the type that deserves affordability for long-term use. We had to figure out how to make it affordable.  Raw Carbon 60 is expensive, and the procedure to dissolve in olive oil was slow.” adds Mark Kuoppala, brother and partner to William. “Over the last few years, we’ve developed a method where we first pulverize the carbon-60 so we can get the maximum amount into solution with the olive oil.  We then use our proprietary mechanical mixing method to produce a brilliant ruby-red solution. After that, we double filter and bottle the finished Slic60.” 

Slic60 is made by following proven methods including strict rules and procedures and quality ingredients in a clean room environment. Regular lab testing ensures maximum concentration of C60 in solution. Some concerns in manufacturing and use of lipofullerene include excessive exposure to light, heat, air, and metals. For more information visit

Who knows? C60’s anti-inflammatory properties could be beneficial in treating or preventing such conditions as:

  • Nearly all gut/bowel disorders. Crohn’s, Celiac, Ulcerative Colitis, IBS etc.
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Parkinson’s Disease
  • ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis)
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus
  • Guillain Barre Syndrome
  • Psoriasis
  • Grave’s Disease
  • Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis
  • Myasthenia Gravis
  • Vasculitis 
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Lupus


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The Incredible Molecule: Carbon 60 & It’s Many Health Benefits

1) Free Radicals: C-60 Has 172x The Antioxidant Properties Of Vitamin C.

Probably the main function of C60 is neutralizing free radicals.  Studies often link autoimmune disease and other disease to free radical damage. Reactive oxygen species come in the form of hydroxyl radicals, singlet oxygen, perhydroxyl and superoxide anion radicals.  Free radicals can be by any molecule with an unpaired electron which makes them highly reactive. C60 appears to be highly effective at neutralizing all these forms.

We have traded good health for a convenient, technologically advanced society.  Our world has become filled with hundreds of thousands of unnatural chemicals, ionizing radiation, and non-native electromagnetic fields, that all have links to increased free radical activity in our bodies.  Slic60 may be the key to getting the best of modern life and good health by keeping free radicals under control.

It’s merely a formality to provide any references to the free radical scavenging ability of C-60 since early every study notes the free radical scavenging abilities of C60 and proposes this to being the primary reason for it’s efficacy.

Carbon 60 has been described as a free radical sponge.

Carboxyfullerene prevents iron-induced oxidative stress in rat brains. Link to Study

Fullerene-based antioxidants and neurodegenerative disorders. Link to Study

Fullerene is a Powerful Antioxidant in Vivo with No Acute or Subacute Toxicity. Link to Study

2) Anti-Inflammatory Effects of C60

Inflammation plays a key role in many diseases.  A significant role in inflammatory diseases is attributed to reactive oxygen species (ROS), or free radicals.  In order to treat the disease, inflammation must be brought under control.

Based on the various studies showing an anti-inflammatory effect, it seems likely that C60 would be beneficial for treating or preventing most conditions that involve chronic inflammation. Such diseases include:

  • Nearly all gut/bowel disorders. Crohn’s, Celiac, Ulcerative Colitis, IBS etc.
  • Lupus
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Parkinson’s Disease
  • ALS (Amylotrophic Lateral Sclerosis
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus
  • Guillain Barre Syndrome
  • Psoriasis
  • Grave’s Disease
  • Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis
  • Myasthenia Gravis
  • Vasculitis

In a mouse model of Atopic Dermatitis (eczema), water soluble C60 applied topically or under the skin was an effective treatment. The researchers suggested C60 could be effective for similar inflammatory conditions like allergies. Link to Study

Another study used rats with adjuvant induced arthritis, which is similar to human rheumatoid arthritis.  Rats were injected 50ng of non-modified C60 intraperitoneally.  Inflammation markers were reduced, among other things, suggesting a potential clinical application for rheumatoid arthritis. Link to Study

Another rheumatoid arthritis study: “Water-soluble fullerene (C60) inhibits the osteoclast differentiation and bone destruction in arthritis.” Link to Study

This recent study showed anti-tumor effects in rats with colon cancer, as well as anti-inflammatory effects in rats with ulcerative colitis. LInk to Study

This study showed suppressed inflammatory response in mice with intervertebral disc degeneration, a common cause of lower back pain. Link to Study

Asthma was induced in mice by inhalation of egg albumin solution and then injected with a C60 derivative.  Mice thet were treated with C60 had less inflammation and less immune response when they were exposed to the egg albumin solution a second time, leading to the conclusion that C60 could help reduce allergies and asthma.  Link to Study

3) Longevity & Anti Aging

Anti aging is now a growing buzzword among health conscious people.  Free radical damage is one of the main causes of aging and since Slic60 Carbon 60 in Olive Oil is such a potent free radical scavenger, it would suggest that there would likely be at least some benefit to extending lifespan or healthspan.

Good general health and longevity go hand in hand.

Several studies indicate that Carbon 60 has a significant impact on longevity, at least in animal models.  Whether this benefit also applies to humans remains to be seen, but a growing number of people have been using C60 for 4 or more years and we should begin to see more anecdotal evidence of the anti aging effects.

The now famous rat study attempted to kill the rats with a dose of 1.7 mg/kg of body weight twice a month.  This would be like a 150 lb person taking an entire 100 ml bottle of Slic60.  What happened instead was the rats lived 90% longer with none of the usual health problems that aging rats face such as massive tumors. Link to Study.

4) Anti Viral Effects

A number of studies have been done on C60 derivatives that show great promise as anti viral drugs.  Without studies of C-60 in olive oil and anti viral activity, it is difficult to say whether Slic60 will have similar benefits.

Fullerene Derivatives Strongly Inhibit HIV-1 Replication by Affecting Virus Maturation without Impairing Protease Activity. Link to Sudy

This study titled ‘Anti-influenza activity of c60 fullerene derivatives’ shows some promising effects of C60 inhibiting influenza A viral infection. Link to Study

5) Neuroprotective

This topic is closely related to the antioxidant and anti inflammatory effects of C60 since much of the damage in neurodegenerative diseases is caused by these two factors.

Neuroprotective effects of hydrated fullerene C60: cortical and hippocampal EEG interplay in an amyloid-infused rat model of Alzheimer’s disease. Link to Study

An interesting study that showed neuroprotective benefits in a mouse model of ALS. C60 helped delay motor deterioration and death. The researchers suggested C60 may also be effective for Parkinson’s disease.  Link to Study

Neuroprotective and mitochondrial benefits of Carboxylic C60. LInk to Study

6) May Prevent Osteoarthritis

Here’s another disease where studies have shown oxidative stress to play a major role.  Most people over the age of 45 or so have some complaints about joint pain from arthritis.  Perhaps Slic60 will prove to have some benefit as more people report their experiences.

Rabbits were used to see if C60 would inhibit the degeneration of articular cartilage. The results indicate that C60 fullerene is a potential therapeutic agent for the protection of articular cartilage against progression of OA.  “Water‐soluble C60 fullerene prevents degeneration of articular cartilage in osteoarthritis via down‐regulation of chondrocyte catabolic activity and inhibition of cartilage degeneration during disease development.”  Link to Study

7) Sunscreen & Skincare

According to several studies on C60 and skin, it appears that C60 is safe for use in cosmetics.  C60 prevents damage caused by UVA exposure by neutralizing the free radicals produced.

C60 applied topically prevents sunburn, according to a study.  It showed a defensive action against UVA damage to skin structures, nucleus, and collagen I/IV fibrils. Link to Study

Some studies show that when C60 is exposed to light it produces singlet oxygen free radicals that may be harmful.  A safety study was done (Link to Study) that said highly purified fullerenes “…did not induce primary or cumulative skin irritation, skin sensitization, skin photosensitization or contact phototoxicity. No skin reaction was observed in the patch test on human skin.”   However, it is likely that even if some free radicals are produced, C60 is probably less toxic as a sunscreen than the commonly used chemical ingredients found in most sunscreens that are known carcinogens.

8) Endurance & Recovery

C60 administered to rats showed an increase in endurance and faster recovery from fatigue.  Many athletes have reported similar results of increased endurance and recovery, including beating their personal best times. Link to Study

9) Protection Against Radiation & Non-native EMF

This is directly related to the antioxidant properties of C60. Ionizing radiation and non-native EMF’s cause damage to your body by creating free radicals.  A study done by exposing mice to X-ray radiation showed a protective effect on DNA from oxidative damage when mice were dosed with C60 1 hour before the lethal exposure. Survival of the C60 group compared with the control was 15%. Link to Study

Non-native EMF’s like microwaves from cell phones, Bluetooth, and Wi-fi are non-ionizing forms of radiation and cause oxidative stress via a different pathway. Although it has not yet been studied, C60 should in theory have a similar protective effect as with other oxidative stress, which alone would make C60 an essential supplement in our ultra EMF sodden environment.

This study explains the mechanism by which EMF’s open cellular calcium channels, creating a cascade of free radicals like nitric oxide-peroxynitrite, which some studies suggest can cause single strand DNA breaks.  Link to Study

10) Prevent Damage From Stroke & Heart Attack Ischemia

Heart attack, stroke, or similar situations cause the blood supply to be cut off to parts of the body (ischemia) causing oxygen and nutrient deprivation.  This causes the tissue to become damaged, sometimes to a degree that the organ dies.  When oxygen is restored to the organ, it results in the formation of free radicals that cause additional problems. C60 helps to reduce the damage that occurs in these situations, buying time to restore blood flow, improve survival, and reduce free radical damage.


11) Acne Treatment

Research in recent years has shown that free radicals play a significant role in acne vulgaris.  Once again, the role of C-60 as an anti oxidant comes into effect.

A 2011 study showed significant reduction of acne after 4 weeks of treatment with a Fullerene gel twice daily.  Further reduction was noted at 8 weeks. Link to Study

12) Hair Loss

It’s almost ridiculous that Carbon 60 has so many potential uses, but tha fact is that so many problems in human biology have the same root causes.  A study in 2009 used shaved mice and a strain of hairless mice to show significant hair growth rate and increased numbers of hair follicles even in the hairless strain of mice.  Researches applied the fullerene topically or subdermally.  Cultured human skin also showed similar results. Link to Study

This would definitely we worth trying for hair loss due to alopecia, chemotherapy, or other chemical reactions.

Conclusion on Lab Testing with Carbon-60 (a.k.a. Buckminsterfullerene, Fullerene, or C-60)

Most of the derivatives of C60 used in the studies referenced in this article are different from Slic60 olive oil so the benefits might not be the same or they might be better but the key function of C60 as a free radical scavenger, regardless of the derivative, appears to be the same.  It should also be taken into consideration that in vitro studies are often not applicable in a real world situation, they are done in a lab in an isolated environment.  Animal studies also do not always apply to human biology, but are usually more relevant than in vitro studies.

There are many more studies on Carbon 60 and health but this article attempts to address the most relevant information most likely to have a beneficial impact on human health and performance.

How does it behave in the body?

Link to Sudy.  A technical read on the possible mechanism of how C60 works in the body by getting into the mitochondria and neutralizing superoxide anions as they are produced.

How safe is it? 

Link to Study.  Safety study of C60 fullerenes and C60-containing composites. It conclude that “…low concentrations do not manifest haemolytic or cytotoxic effects and can be used in bionanotechnology.”

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